giovedì 26 febbraio 2009

what my clanmates think about me.... :/ (part1)

i really hate when somebody ask me to describe myself, i prefer the others people describe me or say to the others what they think... thats why i choose to make this post and put some pics about that my clannies think about me ^^

so... lets start xD

Ide really hate me... she shooted to me when i went back at my pc T_T

in this pic u can see how much my clannies want to stay with me... lol xD

a note on this pic:
"solo uomini, vietato alle donne" its the translation of the word GOLF in italian (Gentlemen only, Ladies Forbidden).
and the words "ti amo luca" its "i love u luca" (yah its true, KIMI LUV ME RAWR.... <3

this is what i think about awak3n.... *touches him again*

what Mahou like to do with me when im present.... <3

and Vilky love to bite me when i use my ele boinboin rotfl

Irving. dont like when i kiss him T_T he dont want my luuuuvvvvv *start crying*

well, at least kimi continue to luv me! <3

.... to be continue!

lunedì 23 febbraio 2009

how to spend all ur vis

last week my Idge was really a lot rich xD

if u can see well she had 663m of vis and 3764k of fesos LoL, but why so much vis? wth she wanted to do with so much money? oO

w00t! she bought a Le Rouge +6 +2dr for my scout *_*
look now how much she is cool with it xD and.... 61dr RAWR xD

btw.... 65m now T_T

giovedì 19 febbraio 2009

another l33t weapon

i found a old screen of my "old" gaiter, so i just wanted to upload it lol

before i sold it i made it +6 with 3 sockets 14mental each... now Itovy have it >.>

i wanna make my new fg 2h with those stats ^^ it will be really godly for hangin guard :O

mercoledì 18 febbraio 2009

a day on Sotnw (warning: l33t pics xD)

finally i bought a usb hdd so i can update this blog when im at work... lol xD

so... how is a "normal" day on Sotnw for my chars? lets see ^^

in the morning my Baek love to do a lot of things, he like to eat the breakfast that my scout made for him, play football with Claude and Idge... he like to take the sun in Topolo... and especially....

pwn Fatal members in LTD! xD he is so pro when he do it... just look Inukai, he was really scared when he saw my Baek ohko that entire family :P

and in the afternoon... what he like to do? he like to make pics with his mates and with his equip! :P

oh boy... look how much he is cute, sitted on Claude and talking with AutumnFae (Saraaaaaahhhhhh) xD

but.... what about Idge? what she like to do during the day? well.... she is a farmer.... and she love to do swangswang with her new Hacken Spiniel (the Fire Gate 2h... u have to know it! RAWR)

now the 2h is +5 with a 14 mental jewel.... look the atk speed... omfg she is really crazy xD and the dmg is really nice (not so high like a 92e, but the aspd with the 92e 31aspd mod is around 48... LOL)

when she dont farm she love to walk in Auch.... and when somebody wanna fight with her... this is what he get xD

a kick in the ballz! xD

thx to the following people for getting those screens:
- Sarah, the pic with her in Auch
- Erisia, for getting a kick in the ballz
- RT0, for getting pwn3d by my Baek around 6-7 consecutive times and never ohko him
- my Baek because he is so L33T
- me, because im L33T
- :D\-<