giovedì 26 febbraio 2009

what my clanmates think about me.... :/ (part1)

i really hate when somebody ask me to describe myself, i prefer the others people describe me or say to the others what they think... thats why i choose to make this post and put some pics about that my clannies think about me ^^

so... lets start xD

Ide really hate me... she shooted to me when i went back at my pc T_T

in this pic u can see how much my clannies want to stay with me... lol xD

a note on this pic:
"solo uomini, vietato alle donne" its the translation of the word GOLF in italian (Gentlemen only, Ladies Forbidden).
and the words "ti amo luca" its "i love u luca" (yah its true, KIMI LUV ME RAWR.... <3

this is what i think about awak3n.... *touches him again*

what Mahou like to do with me when im present.... <3

and Vilky love to bite me when i use my ele boinboin rotfl

Irving. dont like when i kiss him T_T he dont want my luuuuvvvvv *start crying*

well, at least kimi continue to luv me! <3

.... to be continue!

5 commenti:

  1. Ide's a girl, and GOLF is Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. :P /endcorrecting

  2. updated the translation... lol

    and fixed the menu bar