lunedì 2 marzo 2009

news from the 3.0! drops changed

with the 3.0 the drops from those raids are changed:

- Uranus
- Griffon
- Gate of Flame (Lava Leaf)
- Gate of Light (Einwind)
- Gate of Ice (Novia)

They implemented the following recipes drops:

RAWR 29,30 and 32dr armors recipes! how to craft them?

well... some notes about the mats:

- Ambrosia: Cash Shop item, dont know the exactly price
- 1 Leather Armor Crystal Grade 26: break a 84e Armor (leather in this case) at the Zeia anvil
- 1 Leather Armor Crystal Grade 28: break a 92e Armor (leather in this case) at the Zeia anvil
- 1 Leather Armor Crystal Grade 30: break a ELB Armor (leather in this case) at the Zeia anvil

i think if u have to craft a coat u have to break a 84e/92e/ELB coat for get the "Coat Armor Crystal", same thing for Metal and Robe armors

the ELB recipe have a wrong description... its not "Mega Etretanium 7x5" but "Mega Etretanium 75"

so... lets start raiding much more with the 3.0! xD

3 commenti:

  1. Ooh, Le Rouges will be easier to get now... I probably would've had one by now if the recipe was implemented x.x;;

    The Ambrosia better be tradeable. >|

  2. Ambrosia is tradeable, sold for 1100 G-Points in SGE cash shop. (Mystery Powder costs 220 G-Points over there.) So, it's about 5 MP worth. SotNW may make it more or less though... assuming it ever gets an update.

    IIRC, ambrosia (aka liquid of heaven in other GE) is also needed for crafting Constellation weapons.

  3. i hope we'll farm a lot HB for kill Lava Leaf in the 3.0... its the only instanced raid... so no respawn time and a lot of recipes RAWR