sabato 28 marzo 2009

3.5 news

in this period im really busy and i forgot to update my blog page... so i decided to lurk on the kge forum and i found those news, enjoy the reading xD


atm in the test server, they are running the 3.5 version

3.5 will implement the following news:
1) new colonies
2) Chaos Requiem Maps, New Ancient Dungeon (AA for master)
3) Expert/Master stance for Martial Arts (omfg) can be bought like the constellation stances
4) 96e Armors

New Ancient Dungeon:
i dont know if u need to buy a pass via the cash shop for enter in this zone, btw the boss in this zone drops highend equips like constellation simbols, 96e armor recipes, DH recipes.

the mobs in this area are the Caebolan mobs, entrace is in Caebolan first map

the boss:

boss stats:

Martial Arts Expert/Master stance:

this stance will be avaible for ALL the ma users.
dont ask me if Irawain and Soso can use their selfbuff with this stance too... i dont know about it, surelly Gurtrude, Gracielo and Baek can (their buff is a special buff and not a skill buff)

for be able to get the book u have to do a special quest in FI (obtained from Fritz)

for start the quest u need to finish the following quests:
Gertrude recruitment
Gracielo recruitment
Finish all Circus Quests (3.1 version)
have a Expert/Master MA

there are rumors that u can use knukle and gaiters at the same time with this new stances, like a double weapons stance (OMFG!)

here a preview of the skills:

96e Armors:

There will be a quest in Frozen Wastes, finish the quest and u can obtain the recipes of those armors.

they need lvl 96 chips and their base DR is 29, like a 100 Le Rouge (i think the le rouge will became useless...)

here two screens of the fighter armor:

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